Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Two peanuts walk into a bar. One was assaulted.

There. Now that the ice has been broken, let me welcome you to our blog. That's right! The Procks have joined the blogosphere. Do we really have anything worthwhile to say? Well, if you consider "worthwhile" to be the grand tale of how I got arrested last night, then... no. Nope, Sarah is not akin to Paris Hilton whatsoever, and I don't resemble one of Paris' boyfriends in the least. However, if you consider "worthwhile" to be updates on how this family is doing, and if you enjoy stories about our trips to the lake and other such places, then this is the place for you!

Plenty has happened to this family over the past five years. New jobs, new kids, new pets. We've moved so much you could call us gypsies... uh, minus the theft and such.

Oh, but those stories are for other posts. Right now, let me just say "Welcome!" again. Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to see plenty more of you further down the road.