Saturday, February 28, 2009

Skype Is Pretty Sweet

For anyone interested, our Skype contact name is "fourprocks". The kids have been talking to Nana every night for the past week. They think it's pretty cool when they can see her on the computer when she's so far away.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're Baaaaaack!

I know the internet missed us. Well, we missed you too, buddy.

How has everyone been? A lot has happened since our computer melted and we lost our access to the internet. Here's a quick rundown.

Bradon turned two on Jan. 31st. After a small party here, he, Sarah and Mads traveled home for another party at Erin's to go along with Cali's first birthday. Grandma Debbie was there, which was a treat. I couldn't make it, as work kept me here. Sarah and the kids had a good time, though.

We also went to the Seattle Mariners' Fan Fest with our friends Jason and Molly, who brought their little girl Katelyn. We all had a great time, as you get access to most parts of the stadium that the regular fan never gets to see. We ran the bases, caught pop flies in the outfield, hit in the batting cage, and threw a pitch or two in the bullpen.

Getting Ready to Run the Bases

In the Dugout

Stee-riiiike One!

A Natural Leftfielder

The Mariner Moose

This last weekend, we were in Spokane on a family trip. We were there for multiple reasons; to pick up a new computer, and to take in the monster truck rally at Spokane Arena. They're the loudest trucks I've ever heard, but they are fun to watch. Those little cars they put out there with them don't stand a chance. They literally get ripped to shreds. Bradon especially liked the Batman car, while Mads rooted for the one that looked like a dog.

Soundproofed and Ready for the Action

Gravedigger in Action

Last Year's Champ, Batman

The reason they're so loud? Well, that would be the 1500(!) horsepower each truck is putting out. Pretty sweet. During intermission, there were some freestyle motocross riders that came out and put on a little show. You don't really appreciate what those guys do until you see it live. The pictures for that didn't turn out great, but, trust me, it's amazing.

As for our new computer, we bought a Macintosh from Best Buy. We like it. It's easy to use and they have pretty good reputations as far as reliability goes. Maddie likes it because she can use the built-in webcam to talk to Nana over Skype, which is like a video phone that uses your internet connection. Now she can say good night in person each night.

So, now that we're back online, expect regular updates. Hopefully you all didn't abandon us. Talk to you all next time.

Oh, one more thing. Sarah wanted me to start up the Picture of the Week again, so I'll do so here. This week's picture comes to us courtesy of my work with our new program, Photo Booth.

What can I say? I'm a happy guy.